Starting At Zero: Reimagining Education in America underscores the importance of early learning and has been screened in hundreds of communities to help ignite conversations about the importance of investing in young people.

Watch the film below and learn how investments in high-quality early learning benefit everyone.

Having trouble viewing? Solutions to common issues are explained in our FAQs section and you can also email us at

Viewing FAQs

How long is the film?

Runtime is 64 minutes.

Why isn't the video appearing and/or playing?

We recommend watching the film in a current version of Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome internet browser. If you don’t see a video player above, or the video appears but nothing happens when you press play, we recommend trying in another browser. If that doesn’t work, try quitting your browser and relaunching to try again.

Are their closed captions? How about subtitles in Spanish?

Yes! Click the “CC” icon on the video player, which will reveal a little window where you may select English captions, or Spanish or Portuguese subtitles.

How do I view the film in full screen on my computer or device?

Click the icon pictured below, that shows four corners. The video will expand to full view. To return to normal view, click the “esc” button on your keyboard.

Can I view on my TV through Apple Air Play?

Yes! If you’re on an Apple device and using the Safari browser, look for the icon pictured below to beam the film to your Smart TV or streaming box.

Important: The icon will not appear until you’ve hit the play button to begin watching the video.

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